Non Touch Digital

Plug and Play

Plug and Play is the easiest and most simple way to upload content to the screen. Copy paste files conveniently from USB stick to Pyrotech ultra slim digital kiosk and play seamlessly.

Network CMS Upgrade

We, at Pyrotech also offer cloud based Network CMS,if required,and you can run the third party Digital Signage software via our Android PC board too.


Designed for use incommercial applications,this screencanrun24/7. Tampering is avoided, as there are no external buttons nor controls.

LED Backlight

Improves brightness and contrast as well as improving their life-span and reducing their power consumption.

Unlike other forms of light,this technology is mercury free,making it even more eco-friendly.The panel and backlight have a life-span in excess of 60,000 hours.

Giant Tablet Styling

Designed as one giant tablet, the ultra-slim and elegant look is achieved with arugged and striking aluminum casing and a stunning IPX 1 rated edge-to-edge glass.

IPS Panel

Superior image quality and color depth at1780 ultra wide viewin gangle in both,landscape and portrait orientations.

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