General Specification

• The Control Room Consoles of PYROTECH BRAND consisting of individual modular units of Fabricated / Angled section, each designed to be assembled into a Complete Consoles Structure.
• The Consoles are fully modular in design and construction.


Designed with standardised unit or dimension for easy assembly, repair and for flexible arrangement.
• The Console systems are shipped in individual fully assembled units to be leveled in position and bolted together at the site.
• The Consoles are ergonomically designed for operator comfort and suitable for housing/mounting personnel computers, 21″ CRT’s, 19″ racks mounted equipments, video monitors, distributor control systems and other items required in a control room environment.
• The Console system have the ability to house panel mounted components such as panel meters, push buttons, pilot lights & other components required by the system.
• Console system has the option of being one or two tiers high.

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