General Specification

• The Control rooms console of PYROTECH BRAND consists of individual modular units of Fabricated/angled section, each designed to be assembled into a complete console structure.
• The Consoles are fully modular in design and construction.


Design with standardized unit or dimension as for easy assembly & repair or flexible arrangement.

⮚ The console system ships in individual fully assembled units to be levelled in position & bolted together at the site.

⮚ The consoles are ergonomically designed for operator comforts & suitable for housing mounting personnel computers,21” CRT’s,19” racks mounted equipment, video monitors, distributor control systems & other items required in a control room environment.

⮚ The console system has the ability to house panel mounted components such as panel meters, push buttons, pilot lights & other components required by the system.

⮚ Console system has the option of being one or two tiers high.

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Construction Features

  • The consoles modules are fully assembled and fabricated from steel to the published quality standards.
  • The base frame is constructed out of multifold 3mm steel suitable for a test static load of 500 kgs.
  • Various means are employed to mount equipment, including ball bearing pullout CPU trays, Solid floor panels with cable entries, movable equiprnent shelves, rails for DIN mounting equipments.
  • The work surfaces on the consoles units are joined with self aligning draw bolt assembleci to ensure smooth searns between units.
  • End corners shall be constructed of 1.6mm sheet steel, these panels features smoothly dressed welded, be-leveled corners to enhance appearance.

Console Modules

The base module consisting a desk structure for supporting the work surface & upper tier module. The standard base unit shall consist of front & rear hinged doors. The work surface shall be at 750 mm from the bottom of the console frame to ensure maximum comforts to the operator.

Following options are provided in the consoles.

  • Pull out equipment trays using full extension & 50kgs rated.
  • 19 ' rack mount rails upto 14 U Height.
  • Sub channels for mounting of electrical components on the front, rear or either sides.
  • Rails/slide for CPU to take out with high efforts.
  • Adjustable shelves.


  • All Metals are throughly pretreated & powder coated to desired shade/ color.
  • The console top shall be powder coated steel/SS buff finish / or MDF wood is laminated Acrylic Solid Surface (ASS) to desired color shade.

1.Monitor tiers are constructed heavy duty pipes have swivel head . The monitor angle can be adjusted up/down , left/right & monitor vertical height can be adjusted as desired.

2.Work surface can be of powder coated sheet steel/ MDF/ stainless steel 304/316 buff finish / ASS top.


  • 2mm Thk. SS 304 " Top" can be provided.
  • 2mm Thk. CRCA "top" can be provided .
  • 25mm Thk. wooden "top" can be provided.
  • Flexible Monitor Arm.
  • Flexible Telephone Arm.
  • Concealed Cable Raceways
  • Led Task Light (optional).
  • Optional Height Adjustable Work Surface.
  • TFT pop up mechanism.
  • 30 mm thk, ASS top with ergonomic front edge.
  • Extreme ends with aesthetic elements.

Silent Features

  • Control Desk will be made of Folded / Welded Construction System.
  • All sheets will be made of 1.6 / 2mm thk. CRCA/SS sheet.
  • Front & rear door will be made of 1.6 / 2mm thk. CRCA sheet.
  • Cable Gland Plate & Base Frame will be made of 3mm thk. CRCA sheet.
  • Mounting Plate will be made of 2/3mm thk. CRCA MS/G1 sheet.
  • Powder Coating in RAL 7032, RAL 7035. • Variants
  • Pu Foam gasket will be provided (Make - Sonderhoff).


  • Power distribution for CONSOLE equipped with 15/5 Amp Surge Protect°, 3 Pin Socket, MCB, Terminals,
  • R.1-45, Earthing Kit, Cooling Fan & Door Switch with internal illumination.

Assembled & Shipments

  • Each unit in the consoles system shall be shipped fully assembled. The individual units will be located within the control room / operation area, leveled & bolted together.
  • Console units shall be edge protected & strapped to individual pallets to assist handling. Electrical
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