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Explosion proof enclosure for housings
June 25, 2022

This is the second method to protect a control system
against hazardous environment of a particular type.
At Pyrotech, we integrate the specially designed explosion
proof enclosures(IS:2148), which are certified to work
under a particular gas grouping as well as a particular
temperature class, according to customer’s requirements.
The design and manufacture of the complete explosion
proof control systems is done by using these ex-proof
housings and normal electrical items are housed with in
However this method has a distinct constraint regarding the
size of the housings, which has an upper limit, whereas in
case of the pressurization method, enclosure as large as a
room can also be protected from a potentially explosive
environment .
This method is employed where the size of the enclosure is
under limits and where the supply of air or inert gases is not
available for pressurization.

Normal enclosure for housing with explosion proof
electrical equipment.

This is the third method by which our criterion of explosion
protection can be achieved. In this case we use the
explosion proof electrical equipments which are certified to
work under a particular working environment .

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