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Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2


Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2

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Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2

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Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2


Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2


Pyrotech Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. Unit #2

Control Panel

Mainly used for housing of various kinds of relays like Auxiliary relay and protection relays. We provide engineered panel from your single line diagram to the complete solution. We supply the relay interlocking hardwired console with time delay circuits.

Control Desk

Construction: Welded, Alcosy, 8 Fold, 5 Fold also with wooden Top MOC: CRCA MS, SS, AI members. Application: Used as Computer console or in control room or used as mounting of counter & indication equipment.

Mosaic Panel

Mosaic Panel is the most user friendly, reliable and economical approach to process visualization. It is suitable for all kinds of control and monitoring indicator board, for process control, power networks, & security etc.

MCC Panel

Standard height of Draw-out MCC is 2400mm including base frame. The maximum operating height is 1800mm. For Single front – 2400(H) X 850(W) X 600(D)mm For Double front – 2400(H) X 850(W) X 1000(D)mm

HT Panel

HT Panels are generally used for controlling high voltage side of any instrument or at substation. We have made following rating panels:1. 11KV VCB indoor panel/ outdoor kiosk2. Current Rating 630/1250/1600/2000 AMPRupturing Capacity: 20/25/31.5/40 KA.

Junction Box

Junction Box are designed for electrical & electronics control instrument components which are used in indoor and outdoor environments like: Coastal areas, Dusty, Water Oily and contamination are present. Apart from CRCA and SS Enclosure, Galvanized Iron enclosures etc.

Purge Panel

Purge Panel/ enclosures are designed and developed for safe use of electrical products in highly explosive areas. Features: Purging is done as per NFPA-496. 3 Types: Purging Enclosures, Explosion Proof Enclosures & Normal Enclosures.

About Pyrotech

All most 38 years of experience we have expanded to match global vision & progressed steadily through up gradation of technology, quality and skills.
Today, we are one of the India’s leading manufacturers of automation & control equipment. Pyrotech has an exceptional multi-disciplinary array of products.

Business Strategy

We will continue to earn customer’s trust with highest quality of services. We research, Plan, Design & Invest for future.

Vision & Mission

We are India’s one of the leading manufacturers of Automation & Control Equipment’s. We will continue to earn customer’s trust with highest quality of services. At Pyrotech. we’re continuously striving to chart an evolutionary path for our organization, developing capabilities & mature practices, of sustainable value. Empowering employees to discover their latent potential, enabling & enhancing their decision-making powers.

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We have an exceptional mulch-disciplinary array of products – Panels, Enclosures, Computer Consoles, Videowalls, Control Room solutions, Sensors and Electronic products to meet your requirements.