List Of Tests Conducted by Pyrotech On Various Products

  1. Seismic Analysis Test
  2. Dry Heat Test
  3. Damp Heat Test
  4. Vibration Test
  5. Short Circuit Withstand Strength
  6. Temperature Rise Test
  7. Millivolt Drop Test
  8. IP65 Test
  9. EMI/EMC Test
  10. IP33 Test
  11. IP55 Test‐ For Panel & Junction Box.
  12. Basic Short Circuit Test
  13. Short Time Withstand Current & Peak Stand Current
  14. Cable Charging Current Switching
  15. Single Capacitor Bank Current Switching Test
  16. Single Phase Short Circuit Test & Out of Phase Making & Breaking Test
  17. Mechanical Operation Test as per M2 Class
  18. Dielectric Test
    • Lightning Impulse Voltage Test
    • One Minute Power Frequency Test (Dry)
    • One Minute Power Frequency Test (Wet)
  19. Temperature Rise Test With Measurement of Resistance of Mail Current