Pyrotech has manufacturing various type of poles using indigenously developed proven technology since 2008. Our poles’s are rugged, maintenance free, corrosion free and easy to install. Poles manufacturing process includes Cutting, Bending, Welding, Galvanisation, Painting, Assembling which is performed on world class machines with highly skilled manpower.


Quick assembly with corner block and rolled sections. Uniform slots in frames member ensure flexibility for the internal arrangement of the instruments.


Specially designed gaskets and multifold enclosure aperture is angled upwards and provides increased stability and greater protection against dust and moisture, meeting the varying protection requirements up to IP-55.


In size, mountings, accessibility, finish. The cubicles can also be made to order.


Any number of panels can be stacked together horizontally as per layout and site requirements with easy and quick fixing hardware.

Interchangeability :

Interchangeability of doors, side sheet, removable cover and mounting plate.


We provide a completely customized solution which includes providing and fixing of various types of electrical instruments and their wiring.