JUNCTION BOXjunction box4


The rigid 5 fold section provides a very stable framework, moreover the recessed side sheets provide extra strength to the cubicle. The folding of the sheets make the frame structure lighter and stronger than traditional construction system of making structure frame with MS angles and Flats.

Salient Features

  • 1.2/1.6/2mm CRCA sheet. Heavy duty also available as per request upto 3.0mm thik.
  • Seams continuously welded & ground smooth.
  • Surface finish: Hot 7 tank pre treatment process followed by epoxy polyester based powder coating. Optionally, wet colour using epoxy and polyurethane based paint.
  • PU foam gasket dust tight seal and long life.
  • Protection class up to IP-55, IP-65.
  • Removable gland plate provided.
  • 90-120 degree door opening.
  • 3 point locking arrangement for big enclosure else key knock type IP lock.


Contoured body with flush cover screws provides an attractive contemporary appearance. Enclosures are designed for wet, dusty and corrosive environment. These boxes are watertight with superior mechanical and chemical resistance as they are made up of thermoplastic material reinforced with fiber glass.


  • Around 4mm thik. FRP hot moulded.
  • Windows can be closed by means of suitable plaques.
  • Fire resistance: passes glow wire test.
  • Wall mounting clamp are also provided..
  • Impact strength guaranteed even at low temperatures.
  • High quality housing made of self extinguishing material
  • SS handle and hinge are also provided.
  • Protection class up to IP-65.


Contoured body with projected cover screws provides an attractive contemporary appearance. Enclosures are designed for wet, dust and corrosive enviorment. These boxes are water and dust proof with superior mechanical and chemical resistance.


  • 1.6mm thick CRCA sheet.
  • Protection class up to IP-55
  • No welding
  • Hot dip galvanization

Aluminium Die Cast

Aluminium is particularly durable & well suited in areas where corrosion problems exits. Aluminium based enclosures have wide range of application in electrical, electronic or pneumatic components in indoor & outdoor applications. Also an excellent choice for enclosures exposed to sea corrosion, solvents, petrochemicals & acids mainly sulphates & nitrates. Not suitable for alkaline application.


  • No welded seams or sharp corners, totally die casted.
  • Captive cover screws of stainless steel provided.
  • Mounting holes provided in corners outside of gaskets area.
  • Holes given for equipment mounting.