Compact Sub

  • Installation where space is premium like complexes, Airport, Malls, Industries etc.
  • Designed to withstand surrounding temperature, humidity & condensation, rain, solar radiation.
  • Designed keeping in mind the dielectric & Thermal isolation.
  • Indigenously designed &tested for fast & easy installations
  • High life expectancy under normal operating conditions.
  • Maintenance free.

Customized design
Our concept substation can be designed and customized to different sizes and configurations to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

Design & Structure

Every unit id factory-tested and contains the following:

  • CRCA/GI metal enclosure with compartments.
  • 11kv/12kv/VCB for connection to the 11kv/12kv network and also the protection circuits for the (HV/LV) transformers.
  • Hermitically sealed transformers.
  • LV switchboard with required rating.
  • HV/LV Terminals.
  • Appropriate ventilations.
  • 4 point locking doors.
  • Walkway busbars.