19 NCH RACK19th rack3


IEC 297 covers the scope of construction of racks and enclosures for applications based on 19’(482.6cm) practice. 19’signifies the width of the housing. These based on a standard height module of 44.45mm, which is designated by U.

Product Accessories

  • Shock mounts
  • Telescopic slide
  • Cable retractors
  • Cable channels
  • EMI/EMC Gaskets
  • EMI/EMC Exhaust/Inlet modules
  • Die casted collapsable handles
  • Hardwares of SS-316/304 grade
  • LRU supporting angle
  • Slide mounting bracket
  • Perforated cable channel
  • Earthing kit


The swing frame facilitates the accommodation of a wide range of 482.6mm (19”) components up to a weight load of 350kg. By swinging it out, access may be gained to the rear of the equipment and its cabeling at any time. At the side, the swing frame has a trim panel with integral handle strip and two-point locking bar.


  • Low distribution, welded construction
  • Infinitely variable in height
  • Locked by double spade bit style key and lock